OPM Is Rebel And Terrorist

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Kelompok Kriminal Separatis Beraenjata (KKSB) atau yang dikenal juga dengan nama Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM).(Ist)

By : Datuak Tjumano and Wilnas *)

INDONEWS.ID -- Former State Intelligence Agency (BIN)`s chief,  General (Ret) AM Hendropriyono had outspoken about Papua Freedom Organization (OPM) and former President`s adviser team had suggested that OPM should be called as rebel group or terrorist groups because OPM has been killing Papua civil people and citizens from another provinces in Indonesia.

I think Hendropriyono`s notion is true because the final purpose of OPM`s rebellion is separating Papua from Indonesia`s territory. Trully,  OPM`s purpose is not right because the status of Papua`s integrity to Indonesia is final from an international aspects too.

As we know together, OPM`s and their symphatizers have always been trying to provocate and to internationalize Papua`s problems but unfortunely their efforts has failed because Indonesia`s people including majority of Papua`s residents and friendship neighborhood countries have always been supporting and believe in Indonesia`s goverment. They believe Indonesia`s goverment will solve Papua`s problems through peaceful ways.

According to Adolf Huala (1991 : 125) had described several conditions which must be fulfilled to claim the rebel groups as belligerent groups such as  1) organized in leadership power 2) having badges and clear uniforms which show their identity  identity 3) defacto those groups has effectively occupied several regions  4) receiving people supporting on occupied regions. 

Considering those conditions,  OPM should be categorized as rebel and terrorist groups because OPM has endangered Indonesia`s souverignty in Papua and bothering harmonize situations in Papua.

*) The writer is Papua`s issues observer


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